Pupils and teachers spend more than six hours a day, five days a week, within their school buildings – School Cleaning and keeping classrooms clean, tidy and safe is therefore a high priority.

We all know that children are messy, energetic and more susceptible to minor illnesses than adults. For all these reasons school environments have to be routinely managed to reduce the risk of accidents and sickness.  In addition, just as a tidy desk equates to a tidy mind in the office, a well-kept classroom creates a production environment within which pupils can learn and flourish.

Amberleigh cleaners understand that schools not only have to be clean, tidy and safe, but also know what preventive measures to take to reduce the risk of infectious illness from the common cold to mumps, glandular fever and measles.  Floor buffing, desk cleaning and minor graffiti removal come as standard.

We will also provide a daily schedule to keep your school as clean as possible and we are fully trained to deal with illness breakouts should your school experience an epidemic.  We are the leaders in school cleaning – call us today.


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