Amberleigh Cleaning Services are leaders in infection control cleaning and deep cleaning of GP Practices, Health Centres and Dentists.  Using guidelines laid down by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) we know what is required to minimize risks in environments where there is a high volume of walk through traffic and an increased potential for the spread of infection.

Understanding your needs

For many years we have worked to CQC standards and implemented surgery cleaning procedures so our clients’ audit trails comply with the reporting protocol.

We carry out routine, detailed quality checks as standard to all our medical site clients.  Regular communication with the Amberleigh team will ensure that your practice managers are kept up to date on any matters that may arise, as well as being informed of any changes in hygiene standards.

Working as part of a team

At Amberleigh we know that infection control cleaning in a medical or dental environment goes beyond what you can see.  As well as removing dirt and mess we work to a schedule that hunts out those places where germs and bacteria love to gather – on door handles, light switches, desk ops etc.  We don’t just dust, we wash/damp-wipe surfaces with a general cleaner, by using hot soapy water we remove the dirt rather than spraying and moving it around to make sure we remove what lies beneath the surface, proven techniques in healthcare environments. We understand that there are areas and equipment that your staff are required to keep clean themselves following each patient visit.  We will discuss these matters with you in full so that we are absolutely clear about what is our responsibility – and then provide you with a signed audit trail of the work we carry out.

Are you currently employing cleaning staff? We can take over their management if required by current TUPE arrangements and make sure that they are fully trained and supervised to our exact surgery cleaning standards.

We will ensure we cover holidays and sickness with cleaners who are also trained to our infection control cleaning standards so you can be confident in the consistency of our work as well as the quality.


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